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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Do you know what wi-fi actually means?



It means wire-free…you know… without any wires.

Did you hear me, I said without wires!!!

Would you like to come to my home and see just how many wi-fi wires we possess…dozens, probably hundreds..in bags, boxes, closets shelves, drawers …full to  overflowing with wires …with either an electric plug or a computer USB connection at one end and a  VERY wide variety of other connections at the other end of every shape, style and size.

I don’t know where most of them came from and I haven’t a clue what they belong to. But I’m convinced that if I throw any of them out- tomorrow I’ll be sure to need it.

This is a very small selection of wires I use every day for my so called wi-fi stuff either to listen to my MP3, download photos, recharge my Kindle and cell phone and various other necessary activities in this wi-fi age.



I remember when the word wireless meant just that – no wires. The radio ran on batteries – no ifs and buts.

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Ah - life was uncomplicated in those days.


IsraelP said...

In the course of redoing my office, I just color-coded all the wires, so I can look at say the electric outlet and know what it is plugged into.

I am amazed no one sees this as a business opportunity.

Ann Goldberg said...

A very clever idea- I'm forever 'following' wires trying to trace their origins.