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Saturday, October 9, 2010



In the interests of my work as a travel writer , I decided to follow the path of the ancient Jerusalem Knights when they visited the Old City last week courtesy of the Jerusalem Development Authority and and Ministry of Tourism.

They will be there every Thursday in October from 7.30 – 10.30.


I have to admit that as someone who grew up with an English education, my picture of knights in shining armour was slightly different from the Hebrew speaking, Jewish  ones we met there.

Not surprisingly, the whole performance was based in the Christian Quarter, but the truth is that no one really paid any attention to the surroundings. The whole circular  trail  that started just  inside Jaffa Gate was packed tightly with local Israelis and tourists intent on working their way round the  map we were given at Jaffa Gate where the performance started.


Every few yards we found another knight, medieval king, queen, buffoon, princess, magicians, jugglers, court jesters, muse, troubadour, beggar or some other refugee from the middle Ages.


The costumes, acting and music was in the most part well done and the whole performance  was fun although the introductory performance was  in my opinion too long and unnecessary  and few spectators bothered to watch it all.


It was pleasantly surprising that most of the spectators who crowded the narrow alleys of the Old City, kept moving and there was little pushing and shoving. Even small children managed to get a good look at all  various scenes.  



Hope that security guard in the back wasn’t meant to challenge the Giant.



Watching out for the  slaves escaping from the slave market.


How else is a little knight meant to get a good look?



A friendly knight getting down to children’s level.


A final serenade  before leaving …….. and then just when you think you’re safe

There another one waiting to attack just where you parked your car.