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Monday, April 23, 2012


Ten reasons I’m grateful that I live here.

1. When my radio alarm goes on in the morning  the first thing I hear is the morning Shema prayer, then I’m told what number to count for the Sefirat Ha’ Omer.
2.There is no better, safer place to bring up Jewish children and grandchildren.
3. The army holds itself  to the highest moral standards as proven so many times by the lengths the generals and individual soldiers go to avoid harming civilians whenever it is humanly possible.
4. It makes headline news every month or so  when archaeologists discover ancient artifacts which reconnect us with our Bible. Our tourist guides carry a Tenach with them on their tours to describe places they visit.
entrance to City of David
5. I can visit the Kotel, the last remaining outer wall of our Temple, whenever I want to although  I readily admit I don’t take advantage of this as often as I should.
The Kotel
6.’ Kol Yisrael areivim ze le ze’ Everyone in Israel feels responsible for each other.
If someone falls in the street everyone rushes over to help them.
People freely hand out the name of a sick friend or relative to total strangers so that we can all pray for him.
A child who is lost or has mislaid his fare money or bus ticket knows he can ask anyone / go into a shop and ask for help and will get it.
7. If you’re not sure what the next festival is just walk into any supermarket.
Cleaning preparations, freshly scrubbed and covered shelves and matza (Pesach)
Chocolate,wine   and   goodies (Purim)                           Special offers on giant containers of  cheese (Shavuot)
Shelves overflowing as though there’s going to be a war -heaven forbid.  ( Two days Rosh Hashana)
8.We’re always the first to set up a field-hospital and bring 21st century hi tech medical equipment to any disaster zone.
Haiti baby
Newly delivered baby and mother in Haiti

9.When flying El Al you feel really safe. They are totally not politically correct, but they’re great at profiling and know exactly what they are looking for.
Ben Gurion aiport, Israel
10. You always knew that Israelis were innovative but did you know just how much of what we use today is ‘made in Israel’.
Take a look at this video.