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Thursday, December 8, 2011

ANCIENT JAFFA–Tel Aviv’s sister city

Jaffa is as beautiful and ancient,as Tel Aviv is brassy and modern – so near physically  yet so far architecturally and in atmosphere.

View from Jaffa overlooking Tel AvivJaffa - view of Tel Aviv from Jaffa
Jaffa is reputed to be the oldest port in the world, and is the spot from where Jonah the Prophet fled  on his ill fated voyage.
Jaffa Port 2
It is full of cobbled alleyways, surprise turnings, workshops of ancient crafts,art galleries, breathtaking look-outs and unforgettable sunsets over the Mediterranean.

The zodiac motif runs through the whole area. Below is the new zodiac fountain recently added to Kedumim  Square where the  newly renovated Tourist Information office is situated.
Jaffa Zodiac fountain
The alleyways are also named after the signs of the zodiac. Mazal Dagim below is Hebrew for Pisces.

World famous Judaica artisans have their studios in Jaffa and at this time of year the Chanukah menorah in various materials can be seen everywhere.

According to ancient superstition if a bride has her photo taken on The Wishing Bridge, whilst holding on to her own sign of the zodiac which decorates the side of the bridge, her wish will come true. Maybe - or maybe not but it makes a great photo opportunity.
Jaffa Wishing Bridge  Courtesy of The Old Jaffa Development Corporation