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Monday, February 21, 2011


Have you noticed how  difficult it is to focus on anything else when you’re not well?


Your whole energy seems to be taken up on sleeping and trying to will yourself to feel better.

I remember the last time I had pneumonia was during  Operation Cast Lead, the  incursion into Gaza in January 2009 intended to stop the incessant rocket attacks on Israel.

I lay in bed listening to 24 hour news reports feeling helpless and useless. Not that I would have been called up to my unit or anything really useful like that.

But at least during the 2nd Lebanon war three years previously we had been able to help by hosting families from the northern towns who had fled the shelling. But there I was in 2009 not even able to make myself a meal let alone offer to host a family.

it wasn’t that I was full of self-pity. I knew that P.G. with the help of anti-biotics I would be well again soon. But it was just that in the meantime I was useless and frustrated.

Thank G’d nothing so dramatic was going on over the last  two weeks. Well not so close to home. But as I watched and read of the unfolding  dramas and revolutions in Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Iran et al  I couldn’t help but feel that my illnesses do seem to spark international incidents.

I’d better try and take better care of my health in future.

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Reb Mordechai said...

You have had your appendix out have you?

We don't want a major world eruption do we.