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Wednesday, March 2, 2011




I’m often asked whether its not difficult finding writing markets living in  a non-English speaking country.

The truth is that  today a writer can live anywhere in the world and write for publications anywhere in and even  ‘off’ the world i.e. online.  No one even needs to know where you live – unless it’s to send the cheque ( that spelling gives away that I’m an ex Brit)

If you want to write about developments in hi-tech / bringing up children / advances in medicine /  latest building techniques / house decorations / spring cleaning /  car design /  sports or in fact anything and everything  - you can do it from New York / Paris / Tokyo / Jerusalem or  the top of Mt Everest  ( if your laptop functions there).



BUT – the fact that you can research and write from your bedroom doesn’t mean that you can expect to get your articles published if you  turn out inferior internet-research laden  pieces.

Any worthwhile publication will require expert input and up to date information that can be checked by their fact-checkers. And each publication will want interviews with sources and experts in their particular country or even town or state.

But that isn’t  difficult to achieve – it just requires putting in some effort. if you  contact  an organization like HARO  ( help a reporter out) or one of the many other sites ( google  something like ‘find an expert in home decorating’) they can match you up with an expert in your field in the country you need.

You can then make contact and interview  them by email / telephone / Skype or whatever your preferred method.


You may well find that some of the cutting-edge research in many fields is taking place here in Israel. I remember once researching a medical topic and all the top  experts came from the Weizmann Institute in Rechovot. A quick check with the editor assured me that they were happy to  have an interview with an expert from here as well as others more local to the publication.

As I mentioned above with the word cheque/ check, you will also have to match your spelling to the publication. English is not spelled the same in Britain and the USA. Again this is not an insurmountable problem. Here’s one site of many that can help you.

Of course this is assuming  that you want to write on subjects which are international. There are of course subjects which are much easier to write from Israel than anywhere else.

But that’s for another blog post.

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Rosalind Adam said...

An interesting post. I've never tried to write for foreign markets although I know a few people who have written fiction for the American market. They've been tripped up by the odd word differences. Most people know about pavement/sidewalk and rubbish/trash but there will inevitably be are unaware of the more obscure differences. It sounds like we speak the same language until we look more closely.