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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Do you know what wi-fi actually means?



It means wire-free…you know… without any wires.

Did you hear me, I said without wires!!!

Would you like to come to my home and see just how many wi-fi wires we possess…dozens, probably hundreds..in bags, boxes, closets shelves, drawers …full to  overflowing with wires …with either an electric plug or a computer USB connection at one end and a  VERY wide variety of other connections at the other end of every shape, style and size.

I don’t know where most of them came from and I haven’t a clue what they belong to. But I’m convinced that if I throw any of them out- tomorrow I’ll be sure to need it.

This is a very small selection of wires I use every day for my so called wi-fi stuff either to listen to my MP3, download photos, recharge my Kindle and cell phone and various other necessary activities in this wi-fi age.



I remember when the word wireless meant just that – no wires. The radio ran on batteries – no ifs and buts.

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Ah - life was uncomplicated in those days.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Israeli drivers have a pretty awful reputation – and I have to admit that it’s often warranted. But that’s why I’d like to point out two really  great professional drivers I met up with this week.
One was behind us  driving a juggernaut when we approached the road works near Malcha Mall in Jerusalem. Suddenly the road was blocked and we were diverted to another road without any explanation of where this would take us. Our driver, not surprisingly hesitated, and the truck which was quite close behind us had to brake and swerved to overtake us with just a hairbreadth of room.

We followed behind him and as we both stopped at  the  next traffic lights he climbed down from his high perch and came over to us – we assumed to give us a piece of his mind.

But no, we were very pleasantly surprised when he signaled to me to open the window and said “ I can see you were confused by the detour. Can I help?”

The second incident  occurred last night as I was standing at as bus stop inside Modiin Elite just after midnight waiting for the last bus back home to Jerusalem.
An internal bus passed by, and then another one pulled in. I waved for him to continue but he opened his doors.
“If you don’t want this bus then what are you waiting for?” the driver asked.

When I said I was waiting for the Jerusalem bus he signaled for me to get on . “ There are no more buses to Jerusalem from here. I’ll take you as far as I can towards the entrance to the town and with any luck you’ll still catch the last bus that leaves from there”.

And thanks to his thoughtfulness I did.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Making a Difference on your vacation.

Next time you visit Israel set aside 90 minutes to help the needy.

Visit Colel Chabad’s Pantry Packers center in Jerusalem’s Talpiot neighborhood and spend some time  packing up  healthy food products for distribution to needy families all over Israel.

Pantry Packers’ stand at the recent Jerusalem Tourism ConferenceDSC05301

After watching a video, explaining the importance of the work you’ll be doing, you’ll be given  your own apron, plastic gloves  and hat to keep everything clean. Then, using ultra modern equipment  you will pack, label and stack  family sized packages of food staples.

This organization provides 80 different food items to 5000 families every week.


Packing food for the needy in Israel

It’ll add meaning to your visit.

Call 02-6260035 to arrange a visit. It’s free and suitable for all ages.

Of course you don’t have to be a tourist to help.

Everyone is welcome.