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Sunday, March 28, 2010


If you are visiting Israel for Pesach or just looking for somewhere to go, take the children, grandchildren or your family visitors, try  some of the places below .

Zippori , situated in the northern section of Emek Yizrael, ( The Jezreel Valley) was the seat of the Sanhedrin in Rabbi Yehuda HaNassi’s time, and where he finished writing the Mishana. Much has been unearthed of the living areas of the Jewish population as well as the Romans who also lived close by .  Amongst the archeological findings is the famous mosaic dubbed the Mona Lisa of the Galilee.


zippori Mona Lisa


If you have young children they will love nothing more than a day at Beit Halomotei near Givat Brenner. A complete wonderland of games, activities, train rides, bumper cars, water slides etc.

beit halomotei 2

Hatzerim Air Force Museum near Beer Sheva – is a mostly  outdoor museum with  dozens of airplanes from Israel’s aerial history from the first Messerschmitt that was the sum total of the country’s air force  in 1948,  to the wily cobra helicopter that can chase terrorists through tiny alleyways.

  air force museum 2 Hatzerim Ann Goldberg

Mini Israel, near Latrun  is a great place to get a miniature view of hundreds of Israel’s historical, religious, nature, archaeological   and tourist sites.

mini Masada


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Have a great time.

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