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Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Today is the day I start wondering how to take advantage of all my ‘free-time’ now that Pesach (Passover) is over.

If, before Pesach, I managed to do all my usual ‘stuff’ ( teach / write / cook /housework) and add several extra hours of pre- Pesach cleaning and clearing work into my day – how can I continue to take advantage of all those ‘extra hours’ I squeezed out of the day.

I certainly won’t do more housework – I’m afraid that’s not my favorite way of spending extra time.

I won’t cook more – I don’t think it’s possible to cook more than I did over the last few weeks and I need a clear break from that.

I have spent many hours  over the last week enjoying the pleasure of my children and grandchildren

I can’t teach more hours than I have lessons and pupils.

So – this is my opportunity to spend more time writing – whether it’s blogging / articles / essays or stories. And of course every writer has to read – so that’s another  task I shall allot more time to…….aaah it’s good to get back into a normal  working routine again.

If you discover you have some extra time how do you like to spend it -apart from sleeping?

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Rosalind Adam said...

Writing and reading are most definitely my favourite way of spending a spare hour or so. Strolling round the park with Josh-the-dog is another favourite activity.