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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Teaneck Update

Thanks to so many of you who  sent  me emails with prayers and good wishes to my sister and her family and asked for an  update on their situation.

On Monday experts, with an enormous crane,  came to start removing the two trees. It was done section by section, all the time securing the remaining trunk to stop it moving and destroying the rest of the house.

teaneck cutting down tree

It took seven hours of Monday  and several more hours on Tuesday before it was all removed.


My niece’s bedroom after the tree was removedTeaneck Amy's room

Once it was done they could  enter the house safely and remove some of their belongings. The children are staying with friends and my sister and her husband are meanwhile in a nearby hotel.

Many friends have  offered  to have them stay with them and local hotels have offered free showers to people who are still without power. One of the kosher delis has offered free dinners to them also.

Their immediate neighborhood was the worst hit, it seems, as they are still without any electricity although most other areas have had power restored.

The local  paper sent reporters to the area and they were interviewed .

An insurance assessor  has only  just been assigned to their case as there weren’t enough  for all claims. Hopefully work  on mending and rebuilding will start soon but it will still probably  be several weeks until the house can be lived in once again.

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