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Sunday, November 8, 2009


I have had to be away from home a lot recently and have not had access to a computer .
Now for someone who is a compulsive writer, that’s very difficult especially as some of the best essay and article ideas have sprung into mind whilst away from home.
“What’s wrong with a laptop?” I hear you ask…….(.well I don’t really hear you, I’m not into hearing ‘voices’ just yet …but you know what I mean.)
Well for starters the cost , secondly the weight, thirdly I'm not comfortable writng on a laptop's keyboard and finally I’m scared of losing it / having it stolen / dropping and ruining it .

But I have a wonderful alternative it’s an Alphasmart Neo word processor. It weighs very little, is very sturdy ( believe me I’ve dropped it many times and it’s none the worse for it )and has a normal size keyboard ( although a very small screen), It operates on regular batteries which I’ve never had to replace so far – they seem to run forever ( actually 300 hours I think the advertisement says). When I get back home I can connect it to my PC and download it all onto Word.

I even have my favorite table in the food section at Ben Gurion airport where I can sit, sip a drink for as long as I like undisturbed, gaze out at the planes, and write. And I’m not even disturbed by the desire to check my email because the basic model I have doesn’t connect to the internet.

The new ones are cheap enough but I got mine for a lot less on ebay .
If you’re not a laptop user and want some form of portable ‘computer’ I can really recommend it.

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Reb Mordechai said...

No, I couldn't cope with that tiny screen on the Neo. Still you have a good point about dropping the device. I was speaking to a girl that owns a Compaq mini notebook. Its a beautiful machine; tiny, weighs nothing and is a full Windows laptop. However, she dropped it just once and her hard disk has gone. Unfortunately she did not make any backups and has lost her course work. A costly mistake, one I'm sure she will not repeat.