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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rain Rain Don't Go Away

The blessed rain has arrived and in real force.

You know, it took me a long time and needed a lot of work on myself to be able to call rain "blessed".

When you've lived most of your life in bleak, dull, rainy England, one of the things I loved about Israel was the long, sunny summers.

No need to listen to the weather forecast before hanging the laundry outside from May to November.

No need to send the children to school with a sweater ....just in case.
No wondering if 'rain will stop play' whether it's tennis at Wimbledon or football anywhere.
No shlepping an ugly nylon/plastic raincoat in your bag so you don't get caught out.

BUT HERE ..... we desperately need the rain in the winter. And this winter in particular is an especially crucial one with the last few winters varying from very mild to total droughts.

So , after 26 years , at long last.....I've learnt to bless the rain and to pray hard for it...and really mean it.
P.S. shhhh but I still love it when we have a sunny day amongst the rainy ones.

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