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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do as I Write - Not as I Do

I remember the scene quite clearly in my mind. It was a Friday afternoon, and I think we were making Shabbat sheva brachot for one of my daughters. The place was in turmoil, even more so than usual which is saying something.
There were quite a few of us of us at work. Even my sisters from abroad had donned aprons and were in the thick of things.The kitchen looked like I had just received a command from Above to empty every thing I possessed out of the cabinets. And every bowl, dish, pan, container and kitchen gadget was used, unwashed and lying around on the counter ( “so what’s new about that? “did I hear some of my ‘friends’ say!)
Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw my son standing by the kitchen door with a newspaper in his hand and read:

“ The best way to keep things under control in the kitchen is to clean up as you go. Use it, wash it and put it away again . Then move onto the next item on the menu.”

I can remember shouting at him that if he wants to be helpful he could wash some dishes and stop reading.

“ Mum, do you know who wrote this?

“NO and I don’t really care”

“YOU- in last week’s Home and Gardens supplement”

I rest my case.
Those who can do – those who can’t …….. write about what they should be doing.

1 comment:

Varda Meyers Epstein said...

Good point! This happens to me a lot: I write about a subject such as, "How to Get your Children to Clean House," when I've been shrieking at them for hours to get their chores done...