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Monday, March 4, 2013


Yes they really are.
And believe me I didn’t realize just how important until I dislocated my left one over two months ago.
Fortunately  when I fell down the stairs my natural survival instincts took over and I shot out my arm to break my fall, thus saving my head.

At TEREM( that wonderful Israeli invention for emergency medical care) after giving me a quick shot of morphine, two big, strong doctors pulled and twisted my arm …until CLUNK:THUD  it slipped back ‘soundlessly’ into place.

That would have been fine had it stayed there…but when I raised my arm, it slipped out again…and we had to go back and have an ‘action replay’ of the whole thing.
After that my upper arm was strapped tightly to my body with strict instructions not to be moved for three weeks.

If you’ve never experienced anything like it then you won’t realize how frustrating it is not to be able to do so many things without help- from getting dressed to preparing a simple meal.
I did manage to maneuver my keyboard into a position that I could work at the computer.

I innocently  thought that after three weeks I‘d throw off the bandages and get on with my life…but it doesn’t work like that.
My upper arm had forgotten how to move…and it’s taking it a long while  to relearn. Physiotherapy’s helping a great deal but it’s still an unbearably slow business.

I’m getting lots of sympathy – and help…which is just as well with Pesach round the corner.
In fact there are some less-than-sympathetic souls who think I did it to get out cleaning for Pesach – like last year when I got double pneumonia between Purim and Pesach.


So that’s what I’ve been up to over the last few months.
What have you been doing?


Miriam said...

Oh dear! Get well soon and happy Pesach. So how exactly do you do that get-out-of-cleaning trick?

Rosalind Adam said...

That clunk didn't sound very noiseless to me! I'm sure there will be plenty of help with the impending clean... won't there? Get well soon x

Ann Goldberg said...

Thanks Miriam and Ros for your good wishes.

Miriam, I'm working on a less drastic, more comfortable way of getting out of the Pesach 'stuff' - when I've perfected it I'll let you into the secret.