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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


A new Pope has been elected, a new Israeli government has been formed (I think – but you never know there could be another crisis along the road paved with so many poor intentions!)… there are changes afoot in the world at large …


and I’m in my kitchen making Pesach.
This is the time of year when no matter what…Pesach has to come first.

The house is spring-cleaned- thanks to my wonderful daughters who left their husbands and babies and came to rescue me after I dislocated my shoulder … wot you forgot about that!!
And now we’re down to the real nitty-gritty a.k.a. chametz in the kitchen.
My husband still keeps hoping that I’ll find a packet of lamb-chops hidden away in the back of the freezer like we did once, about 15 years ago.

It was a small pack that my late mother had brought us  from England with just a few chops in – definitely not enough for all of our seven wonderful  children. And in any case, they wouldn’t have appreciated them… or so we kept telling ourselves.
So we gave them money to go out to the pizza shop and pamper themselves with pizza, ice cream, drinks and goodies …..and I cooked the lamb chops for our supper.

We did enjoy them – and the kids had the best supper of their lives.

So what terrible parenting sins do you  have to admit to – so many are committed during the week before Pesach


Rosalind Adam said...

How could we forget the shoulder?! Hope it holds out for the cleaning. I'm still wondering at the fact that your Mum brought lamb chops from here on the plane. When we flew to you we were searched thoroughly. What would they have thought if they'd found a bag of chops?!

Ann Goldberg said...

ah those were the good old pre 9/11 days when people weren't searched so much.
Lamb chops are a real specialty here and appropriately priced and Mum always brought us some in a strong, cold freezer bag