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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Kishor. Women’s Professional Network in Israel, held its 3rd annual conference yesterday in the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem.

The conference’s subtitle said it all “ Home Maker – Business Builder”
It was clear from all the opening speeches that there is a tremendous amount of support available for women setting up their own businesses today – financial, professional training.motivational  tools and one-on-one mentoring.

One of the greatest supporters of this group is the organization  TEMECH but there are also many other organizations  including MATI  Jerusalem Business Development Center, who have set up departments to help this ever growing section of the population.

This year’s conference was also for Hebrew speaking women with some speakers and workshops  in each language and simultaneous translation available.

But right from the start Rabbi Menachem Stein reminded us where our priorities lie – in our homes, with our husbands and children.                                                               Our businesses are important in that they enable us to provide for our families – but a  successful career should not be  our goal in life.

One of the most important features of the program was the Power Networking arranged by Naomi Elbinger .
Rows of women were seated facing each other  in various parts of the halls and each had 2 minutes to describe their business to each other and exchange business cards . Then one row moved on one place and each woman  introduced herself to a new person.

I met several women who had businesses which were of interest to me personally and several  others to whom I was able to offer a writing service.
There were also three workshop session with  four choices for each session ranging in topics  such as:
setting up a business                                                          Marketing                                                                                                               Negotiating in business                                                                                              Eighteen keys to successfully running a small business   
Time   Management                                                                                                          Goal Setting  

For an extra fee there were also sessions of FreshBiz Games – a new ‘game’ designed to impart  creative methods of entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving.

The final session was  meeting a panel of three  women who had  set up highly successful businesses  despite various challenges, businesses which now provide work for many more women.
Each woman described the path that led her to  go it alone and  the problems she  met and overcame,  They ‘proved’ that anyone who wants to can set up their own business- even if you have thirteen children at home and even if you have suffered grueling health problems.
They were indeed role models.

A delicious dairy  lunch up to  the Ramada’s usual high standard and  coffee  and cold drinks on tap made this a  highly successful and  enjoyable day.

If you missed it – be sure to look out for next year’s conference.


Naomi said...

This is a great writeup. It was nice seeing you at the conference Ann.

Rosalind Adam said...

That line up of business card exchanging sounds a bit scary, like a speed dating session! But glad to hear you made some useful contacts.

Ann Goldberg said...

That's exactly what it was based on - speed dating - well a combination of speed-dating and the elevator pitch.

At first it was a bit scary but once you got into the swing of things it went very quickly and was very interesting