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Thursday, May 17, 2012


I first came to Israel when I was 18 years old, a few years after the 1967  6 Day War during  which Jerusalem was  returned to the Jewish people.
When I arrived Jerusalem was already reunited, we had easy access to the Kotel and it was hard for me to imagine a Jerusalem that was split in two with no access for the Jewish people to their most sacred site.
As with most things which are handed to us on a plate, most of my generation and our children and grandchildren  take this  for granted.
But on a day like Jerusalem Day,  which this year is Sunday  May 20th,  we watch and listen to stories of that miraculous day, when against  all normal odds we captured back the last remnant of our holy Temple built 3000 years ago.
What the Kotel means to everyone
Jerusalem is an intriguing mix of the ancient and holy together with the everyday and modern.
People from all over the world come to place their prayers and wishes between the cracks in the stones of the Kotel. These are all eventually removed and buried.
Jerusalem  prayers and wishes between the kotel stones Ann Goldberg
The alleyways in the Old City
Jerusalem  Old City Ann Goldberg
The model of Jerusalem as it was when the Temple stood which is now on the campus of  the Israel Museum
Temple Model Israel Museum
The Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls
Israel Museum Shrine of the Book Ann Goldberg

The new ultra-sleek ultra-modern light rail

The new Mamilla Mall near Jaffa Gate at entrance to the Old City
Jerusalem Mamilla mall
And on Jerusalem Day in particular we thank G’d for bringing us back home and allowing us to live in HIs holy city

The Chief Chazan (Cantor) of the Israel Defense Forces singing the Prayer for the State of Israel  which is recited in most synagogues all over the world  every Shabbat.


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A thoroughly enjoyable blog post. Thank you for these extracts. It's amazing how much there is on YouTube!