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Sunday, May 16, 2010



I turned on my computer the other day to check my emails and the subject line of the first email was “G’d is following you”.

My initial reaction was to smile and delete it – I mean I know that G’d doesn’t send emails and assumed it was just spam.

But then I stopped for a minute. It seemed such an appropriate email to get just a few days before Shavuot , just days before the moment when we became a nation and received the Torah from G’d on Mt Sinai over 3000 years ago.

Maybe we all need a reminder that G’d is indeed following us – and checking up on us and watching to see if we are acting in accordance with the gift He gave us.

I also remembered something else ……….... a bit more mundane. I had just joined Twitter.

I was persuaded by other writer friends of its amazing networking ability and work-finding success. I have yet to be convinced. Still …I digress.


Now on Twitter, people “follow” you and when they do, you receive an email informing you of this. So I hazarded a guess that this email was connected to Twitter and decided to open it .

The continuation was even more appropriate.

“G’d is following you, Do you want to follow G’d?”

Now that’s a good question . It’s something we should all be asking ourselves, and the answer should for sure be a resounding YES. But not in the way Twitter meant. I was  not going to sit around waiting for ‘tweets’ from G’d – at least not on the twitter site.

So who was this person or organization calling themselves G’d? Somewhat presumptuous of them I thought – maybe it really was Twitter spammers.

I cautiously tracked down my follower and it turned out to have come from a Jewish organization who seem to specialize in ‘kiruv’ work i.e. bringing Jewish people closer to Judaism, keeping them up-to-date with the Jewish calendar and  days of religious significance and explaining everything – all in less than 140 characters.

Their comment that G’d is following me was not because they call themselves G’d but because they presumably intended to awaken all the Jewish ‘tweeters’ (I’m tempted to call them/us ‘twits’ but that may not be taken too well ) to their heritage.

I wish them luck and hope that not too many just ‘delete’ them.


Rosalind Adam said...

It's a nice thought that I could tweet about something that wasn't going right with my day, or thank Him for something that was going right, and get an instant response back with His suggestions, neatly contained within 140 characters, for how to move on from here. I know He is doing that, but sometimes I can't quite hear His replies.

You didn't say if you clicked to Follow, by the way.

Ann Goldberg said...

Ros, How could I resist - of course I did!