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Wednesday, May 26, 2010




I put the below notice on our local email list as a last resort – it’s pretty self-explanatory

A couple of months ago a cat had four kittens in our garden. We weren't thrilled but it didn't bother us too much.

Now things have become unpleasant. The mother cat is aggressive to the point of being dangerous. She's a good mother and brings fish heads / meat/ etc from the nearby shop's garbage can to feed them and sees any humans as a threat.

She sits by our back door and snarls and gets ready to pounce on anyone trying to get out.

I have called the municipality and they came immediately but they said it's illegal to remove a cat from her outdoor home. If she had come inside our house then he would have picked her up and removed her ..... to the garden or outside out front door - no further.

Without going into boring detail it's impossible to stop the cats from getting in and out of the garden. Does anyone know of an organisation that will come and remove the cats and take them far away. I don't wish any harm on them but if it's a choice of them or my grandchildren's safety and welfare - they have to go.


So far I have had no replies – I wait in hope.

Today we  bought a long water hose to squirt  at them when they start devouring their fish heads on my back porch. They hate water so they run away – but they return.

When we were infested with mice two years when building work was started on a new ( totally unwanted and unnecessary) local mall we caught almost a hundred before the plague died down – and that took almost a year.

I hope we find an amicable solution  to our cat problem  quicker than that.

All hints and tips welcome.

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Reb Mordechai said...

1. Keep spraying them with water. Keep the place that they sleep in wet. Try this foe a week and see what happens.

2. Scatter the area with hot chilli powder. I will get on their pours and they'll lick it up. Thwy'll eventually get the message that this is not a great place to hang out.

3. Borrow a large dog for a week or two. That should do it.