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Friday, June 13, 2014

Richard III, Leicester,old friends, burials & books

I left my hometown of Leicester over 45 years ago.


I married and moved to Jerusalem with my husband and family.

But although I no longer live in Leicester, I can never totally leave the city as my parents are  buried there. 

While in Leicester on a visit we decided to drive round and see some of our old schoolsDSC03188

and past homesDSC03192

Not to mention the site of my first job as a journalist –
OK I admit it I exaggerate. It was a school holiday job and I was more a gofer than a writer – but the bug was already planted and never gave up.

About six years ago I reconnected again when an old school friend Rosalind Adam  contacted me to see if I would contribute to a book she was compiling of memories of   post-war Leicester through to 1960.

So having returned to Leicester many times in the past few years both literally and psychologically, it wasn’t surprising that I found myself glued to the news media when the story broke about ‘the body in the car park’ . Could it really be the body of that much hated/ much maligned King Richard III?

And when it was proved to be the body of the old King, the question then was – where should he be finally laid to rest?

Again I found myself rooting for Leicester to be the designated burial site.The High Court finally agreed that he should indeed be buried there, as  he had been killed in battle in nearby Bosworth and had been ‘temporarily’  buried beneath the city for several hundred years.

And now for the full circle …..who was commissioned  to write a children’s book on the  history of Richard III?
 None other than my old friend Rosalind whose book will be out in a few week’s time.
Good luck with the book Ros – I’m sure it’ll be a tremendous success.

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Rosalind Adam said...

Thank you so much, Ann. It's great that the Internet allows us to continue our old friendship and you're able to keep up with the very latest goings on in Leicester via Twitter of course!

Richard III will be reinterred in Leicester for all the reasons you said but also because the University had to sign an agreement before they began agreeing any human remains would be respectfully reinterred as close as possible to the site. The Cathedral is in the adjoining street.

I'm really looking forward to the release of my book The Children's Book of Richard III and thanks for the mention.