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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


What do you do when your daughter’s  wedding and a writing deadline fall on the same day?
Well you can’t postpone the wedding, so you have to bring the deadline forward, at least psychologically, and I had to tell myself that I had to  send the copy and photos in a week early.
I knew if I left it any later, it would never get done – as it was, it was touch and go.
The big plus was that the articles that needed to be written were all about places in my hometown of Jerusalem, so I didn’t have far to travel for research and photographs.
My sister had already arrived from the States for the wedding  and so I persuaded her to accompany me on a walk around Mishkenot Shaananim while we chatted about family and I made notes and took photos.
Montefiore’s Windmill
Jerusalem Montefiore's windmill
Artists’ Quarter in Yemin Moshe
yemin Moshe
Then we went for a walk amongst the beautiful alleyways of Nachlaot
Nachlaot  a peaceful haven tucked away
and found some surprising parks hidden away
Jerusalem NAchlaot (2)
On we went to town Nachlat Shiva, one of the first neighborhoods to be built outside the Old City walls in the beginning of the 20th century, to visit some  of the attractive shops and restaurants.
Nachlat Shiva 7

Nachlat Shiva
Then it was off home to write it all up, chose the best of the hundreds of photos I’d taken – leave for  a day and re-read……….. and click ‘send’.
And then I could concentrate on the last minute arrangements for the wedding.

mazel tov 5
wedding 3

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Rosalind Adam said...

Have a wonderful wedding and next time we come to Jerusalem I think we might hire you as our guide ;-) The places in those photos look amazing.