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Sunday, May 29, 2011

JERUSALEM DAY – the reunification of Israel’s capital

Forty four years ago  the barriers which divided Jerusalem  into two came down and the city was once again united and open to anyone, of any religion, who wanted to visit and pray at the holy places.

Until then, Jews had only been able to gaze from afar at their holiest site, the Kotel, the  remains of the the Western Wall  of the Temple which was closest to the holiest spot inside  the Temple.

Now we are free again to come and pour our hearts out in prayer and  in thanks.

2 IMG_3212

Prayers, dreams, hopes and wishes tucked into the crevices between the stones.

Jerusalem Sukkot 016


A day doesn’t go by that I don’t thank G’d for the privilege of living  here; of bringing up my children and grandchildren  here in the city that so many millions of  Jews  over the centuries could only dream of. There is nowhere else in the world where we feel so close  and connected to our past and to G’d.Nowhere in the world is it easier to be a Jew.


At Sukkot time most of the Jerusalem restaurants have a sukkah.Jerusalem Sukkot 041


Tour guides  walk around with the Tenach in their hands as a guide book and point out places to to visitors that they had only heard about in Religious studies lessons.

Every day ‘new‘ artifacts from our past are being dug up showing us how our ancestors lived and connecting us irrevocably .  Below is a section of King David’s Palace in Ir David ( David’s City) which is being excavated in the valley below the Kotel

 City of David - part of the Royal Palace

The Talmud tell us that “Ten measures of beauty descended to the world – nine were given to Jerusalem and one to the rest of the world”

Jerusalem is indeed  the most beautiful place in the world, both  physically and spiritually.

Walking along the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter .Jerusalem Sukkot 012 

Autumn at the Botanical GardensIMG_1043


Yad Vashem – memorial to the 6 millions Jews slaughtered during the Holocaust.IMG_0080


The model of Jerusalem during the time of the 2nd Temple, now housed in the grounds of The Israel MuseumTemple Model Israel Museum


Watch this  short film by Aish Haorah about what Jerusalem means to the Jewish people.


Rosalind Adam said...

One day I'm going to get to Israel and see Jerusalem for myself. It looks amazing.

Margie said...

I so want to visit Israel.
I have a friend that's been there 4 times and she loved it!
She especially loved Jerusalem!

Ann Goldberg said...

Ros and Margie,

I'd love to welcome you both to Jerusalem and show you round.
It really is the most wonderful city in the world


Anonymous said...

God Bless You! We love you and pray for you! Zita, Budapest, Hungary