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Friday, December 10, 2010



We’re  “battening down the hatches”  for the  expected torrential rain and storms the weather forecasters have promised us……….

Well they think they have promised us …. but over here in Israel we know that rain is not dependent on meteorological and natural elements - but on our relationship with One Above .

It’s difficult for those of  you in Europe and the USA to imagine longing for rain – you get it in plentiful supply and maybe you think even  over-supply.

When I lived in England it used to rain about 350 days of the year – but not over here.

Our summers have been getting hotter and longer, our aquifers depleted and never refilled during the long ,dry winters we’ve been having.

We’ve instituted special prayers for rain and have already had two days of fasting.

Our first rain started falling on Monday


…..and now we’re looking forward  Please G’d to several days of  real storms.


Our parched and burnt  land, our rivers and streams , our crops and our farmers and all of us young and old who need this life giving force are very grateful to the Supplier Above .

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Rosalind Adam said...

I had no idea your climate had become so much dryer. Things seem to be changing here too though. You say that you remember the UK having 350 days of rain but not any more. We've been getting prolonged dry spells (the most recent being early summer 2010) which not only affects the water levels in reservoirs but also plays havoc with crops.

I do hope your longed-for storms materialised.