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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


No matter where I’ve been it’s always  good to be back home again.


Even the weather reminded me of home. It hasn’t been as hot as this in Manchester for 30 years. My sweaters and  rain jackets stayed in my suitcase.


This tram also  made me think - Will the Jerusalem light rail  really one day  traverse the city as smoothly and unobtrusively as it does in Manchester UK – still seems difficult to imagine looking at the ongoing  balagan downtown.


Already on the flight  home you begin to feel ‘Israeli’ once again. The pilot apologized  for the delay in take off as most of the passengers had far too much carry-on luggage with them  ( sound familiar??)

Just seeing the stewards and stewardesses helpless faces on Jet2 as they tried in vain to seat the passengers who insisted on chatting with long lost friends from the minute we took off, brought  a smile to my face.

Yes I know the behavior  isn’t helpful but it just made me feel that I’m already home again.



Rosalind Adam said...

I'm terrible when we go away. I'm missing home almost before we reach our destination.

I've only ever lived here in Leicester. I can't imagine another town feeling like home, never mind another country. I wonder how long it was before you started to feel that Israel was home rather than England.

Ann said...

At the risk of sounding 'corny' I have to admit that Israel felt like home the minute I arrived for the first time over 40 years ago.
That doesn't mean to say I don't feel a certain nostaligia for my hometown Leicester.
When we were there last weekend, we coldn't resist revisiting some old haunts - and it was very goosebumpy ......but I guess that's for another post.