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Saturday, February 6, 2010


 In 1997, on the night of  Shvat 27th 5757, 13 years ago this week, two helicopters carrying elite  IDF solders  crashed into each other as they hovered over Moshav Shear Yashuv,  awaiting permission to fly into Lebanon. As was the normal procedure when entering Lebanon, the first helicopter had turned off its lights when the second one crashed  into it.                                                                                 All 73 people on board the two helicopters died.

The entire country was thrown into national mourning over the worst air disaster ever in Israel.




The following day’s  Maariv  newspaper’s  front page. The headline reads  The Best of our Sons and has photos of  those who perished.

Two of those who died were Tomer Keidar, youngest son of  Hagit and Yoav Keidar of Kibbutz Negba and his best friend Tom.

Yoav Keidar  sought a way to memorialize Tom and Tomer and the other 71 who died. His love of  his country and particularly  the flora and fauna of The Land of Israel, brought him to set up a special garden in their memory not far from his home.


Givat Tom veTomer ( Tom and Tomer Hill) is planted with only plants and fruits indigenous to the Land of  Israel. There are many paths and benches as well as areas for groups to sit in the shade.


There are stones bearing quotations from the Tenach and Hebrew memorial songs play in the  background as you wander around the garden.


There are also memorial stones listing all those who died.


At the entrance to the site an electric pole rises , painted in blue  with 73 doves circling around the pole




To reach this beautiful  memorial garden, enter Kibbutz Negba and follow the signs to Givat Tom veTomer.


Rosalind Adam said...

I know that memorials can't bring people back but they can keep their memories alive. What a beautiful memorial that is.

Steven Boas Berg said...

The first time I visited the garden the pain and sorrow was palabel. But the great love in which the garden was greated was stronger and precence in every plant and stone. We very much apreciate being there and respect and connect with the love that is there. I live in a moshav nearby and visit the garden often. Its a special place for us to meditate and to be one with all. Thank you!