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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It’s been one of those weeks when our horror of the tragedy in Haiti was coupled with pride at the immediate and invaluable help sent by Israel.

Haiti Oketz unit dog handling

Without fanfare, the Israeli army contingents arrived and set about their work.The Rescue Unit went straight to work with their highly trained Oketz dog handling unit, searching for and finding, survivors buried in the destroyed buildings.

And the medical team set up their state-of-the-art field hospital complete with operating rooms, respirators and imaging equipment.

Our field hospital , has, by all accounts, been the one light in the bleak medical turmoil where survivors of the quake are now dying in the streets for lack of medical attention.

The birth of a healthy baby boy, in a country where infant mortality is one of the highest in a ‘good’ week, was cause for a few minutes celebration before emergency work was resumed.

Haiti baby

Baby Israel in his mother’s arms shortly after his birth in the field hospital.

It’s true that their work is but a drop in the overwhelming ocean of horror and death but the well deserved praise that our teams have received has been almost universal .Read this and watch this.

What an international ‘kiddush Hashem’.

Once again it’s Kol HaKavod LeTzahal.

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